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Engineering Tools

Welcome to a team of passionate dedicated Engineers, Manufacturers, Designers, and Makers.

We employ Ohio's vast manufacturing portfolio of regional businesses for unbeatable speed & quality. Scaling up? our global manufacturing network of trusted, manufacturers are full service. 

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Engine Belts


Do you need products/packaging/design/engineering/sourcing

That's where our team comes in, the who/what/where/ and how much.
Injection-molded consumer products?, steel fabrications, textiles, custom packaging, wood crafts, or custom machinery. Our team works as the backbone of manufacturing & design for you to get you to market.

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Experienced Planning & Clear Communication

Discipline and transparency are our core pillars for success. instead of "protecting you from what you don't know" we want to educate and grow your understanding of the manufacturing processes. Much of innovation comes from experience, which we want to share with you as a client.

The more you know the better you'll succeed. We work with you to explain the what and why of manufacturing cost analysis.

Packaging Factory


From Inception to Production

From the design meeting to the first article production samples and full product lifecycle management, the Jarl Voss team is ready to execute.

Perhaps you only need us for new project launch, prototyping, design for manufacturing review or sourcing?. No matter the stage of development or production, our team is flexible and ready for the challenge. 


Get in touch today and see if Jarl Voss is the right firm for your project.

Interested in becoming a partner business or manufacturer?


Rocky River, OH , 44116

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